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July 18, 2013


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Hey guys

One thing I've loved about doing DBNA here on deviant art is my ability to kind of keep you guys involved in the creation process of DBNA. Everything from character sketches, animation stills, and all the other fun stuff happens here. And I can't stress enough how important each and every one of you has been to the life of DBNA and myself. Without you guys, DBNA would have ended a long time ago. You all have my love and respect for that.

So, with that, I'd like to show you guys a little of the research that painstakingly goes into the creation of DBNA. More specifically, the creation and establishment of Power Levels, Zenkai, Training boosts, and Power Level Multipliers.

The subject of power levels is a finicky thing, mainly because of how ridiculously inconsistent the boosts became during the Freeza Saga. As such, Toriyama eventually stopped including Power Levels all together.

However, in order to provide some semblance of consistency, I have over the past couple of weeks worked on Power Levels (at least for the Rigor Saga), Multipliers, and other such things to give myself a basic idea of how much more powerful certain characters become during the series. These are by no means super official numbers, but they are what I'm using, and they are about as close to the truest multipliers and numbers as you can get. In other words, if you find what I post here useful, feel free to use them.

Saiyan Zenkai Formula

Saiyans possess the most potential in the series, as is obvious. The reason for this is Zenkai. Now, contrary to popular belief, Zenkai does not occur when a saiyan trains. The power boost a Saiyan receives from training is much less than the boost received from recovering from near fatal injuries. That's the key point. Zenkai ONLY occurs when a Saiyan recovers from near fatal injuries, and will not occur (oddly) if a Saiyan inflicts mortal injuries to themselves (this is confirmed by Vegeta in the Manga).

Now, Zenkai boosts followed a pretty standard formula up to the Freeza Saga, where the formula flew out the window to compensate for Freeza's overwhelming power (it is stated that in rare/ special cases, a Zenkai boost could exceed the traditional multiplier, but these are few, far between, and rarely occur).

Based on my research of Goku's strength from Dragon Ball up to the Freeza Saga, as well as the increases in Vegeta's power over the course of his time on Namek (this is the clearest example), this is the equation for determining a Zenkai boost for a typical Saiyan:

The Saiyan's Base Full Power number x 33. Then divide that number by 100.

The result is the amount of power the Saiyan receives for it's Zenkai.

The typical Saiyan (and half-Saiyan) will receive a 33% power boost from a Zenkai. This is clearly evidenced by Vegeta over the course of his portrayal on Namek. On Earth, Vegeta was stated to have a maximum power of 18,000 (this is not the number of his Galick Gun Blast, which approaches 24,000). After the Battle, Vegeta's power increased by around 6,000 to a reading of 24,000 (evidenced by Dodoria's Scouter). Following his beating by Zarbon, then during his battle with Recoome, Vegeta had a PL of 32,000 (sometimes read as 30,000), meaning his power had increased by 8,000, which is just over 33% of 24,000.

Now, in the case of DBNA, Rigor himself receives an increased Zenkai due to his being The Legendary Saiyan. In ONLY Rigor's case, Rigor receives a 50% Zenkai Boost. In the case of his children, though they are only half-Legendary Saiyan, they also receive an increased Zenkai in the form of a 40% Zenkai Boost.


Super Saiyan Strength Multipliers

Super Saiyans multiply their strength through transformations, each form dramatically raising the wielder's power level. For DBNA, all Super Saiyans follow this formula to determine their strength in each form:

Super Saiyan = 50 x User's Base Form Full Power

Super Saiyan 2 = 100 x User's Base Form Full Power

Super Saiyan 3 = 400 x User's Base Form Full Power

Super Saiyan 4 = 4,000 x User's Base Form Full Power

Ascended Super Saiyan 4 = 8,000 x User's Base Form Full Power

True Super Saiyan 4 = 24,000 x User's Base Form Full Power

Super Saiyan 5 = 360,000 x User's Base Form Full Power

Now, because the Super Saiyan 5 form causes the user's Base Form Power Level to become equal to their strength as a True Super Saiyan 4 after the first time it is used, the equation alters slightly after the User has obtained the Transformation and uses it from any point after that.

Super Saiyan 5 = 15 x User's Base Form Full Power (True Super Saiyan 4 Full Power)


Reitoujin Power Multipliers

The Reitoujin (the DBNA name for Freeza's race, literally meaning "Frozen Person") were the most difficult to determine multipliers for, simply because a number is never given for Freeza's 3rd Form. Through the manga and Daizenshuu, I was finally able to come up with solid multipliers for the Reitoujin race's forms:

1st Form = User's Base Form Full Power

2nd Form = 2.5 x User's Base Form Full Power

3rd Form = 5 x 2nd Form Power Level

4th Form = 18 x 3rd Form Power Level

5th Form (Cooler Transformation) = 4 x 4th Form Power Level


Human/ Saiyan Training Boosts

This is one of the more opinion based formulas, based on my own personal beliefs in the humans of the Dragon universe.

Typically, at very best, a human improves by about 5% with intense training on their own. This number CAN be compounded by training with otherworldly beings like Kaio-Sama or aliens, or intense gravity, but for a talented human fighter, they will improve by roughly 5% every month they train. If the training is sporadic, they only improve by 2%.

A Saiyan, however, is capable of greater training boosts, due to their unique physiology. In this case, Saiyans and half-saiyans in DBNA improve by around 8% every month they intensely train. If they are training in increased gravity however, this number increases by an additional 7% for every 10G they are training under. Now, by intense training, I mean that's all they do is Eat - Sleep - Train. If they only periodically train over the course of that month, they will only improve by 5%.

Similarly, highly adept Namek fighters (like Piccolo), achieve a higher boost than human fighters, but less than Saiyans. As such, it is reasonable to assume that a Namek Fighter will improve by 6.5% every month they train, or only by 3% in sporadic training.


Human Fighter/ Namek Powers

As shown by Raditz, the average human possesses a PL of about 5, give or take a few degrees. Though there are Special cases (Yamcha, Tenshinhan, Kuririn), a normal human receiving no training from Gods like Kami or Kaio-Sama, but INTENSELY training over the course of several years, will never exceed a PL of 300. Nameks, conversely, seem to maximize around the 3000 range unless they continuously train.

Training with a Kami increased (on average) the power levels of the training fighters by a factor of 7 (Tenshinhan's power increased from 250 to 1830 over the course of the year).

Goku, training with Kaio-Sama for 158 days (around 5 months), increased his power by almost a factor of 20, so it can be assumed that the earth fighter's powers increased by a similar factor during their time (around 9 months in Tenshinhan's case) with Kaio-Sama. Therefore, a human training with a God-like figure on a planet with 10x Gravity will increase by a factor of 4 every month they train there.

Piccolo, over the course of the year he trained to fight the Saiyans, increased his power by a factor of 8, slightly more than human fighters, but still enough to account for the higher training boost Nameks receive over humans (his power increases from 408 to 3500, while his held back power was 1400). If accounting for the training boost with Kaio-Sama (increase by a factor of 20), his power level when arriving on Namek would be around 70,000.


Namekian Fusion abilities

Based on my calculation that Piccolo's power upon arriving on Namek was around 70,000, but then barely surpasses Freeza's second form (which, based on my Reitoujin Multipliers, has a PL of around 1,325,000), this is the formula for equating Namekian Fusion:

Namekian's current base full power x 20

Note: This multiplier applies EVERYTIME a Namekian fuses with another Namekian.


Kaio-Ken Multipliers

The Kaio-Ken is an extremely dangerous technique, and as such, there is no way Goku would teach it to anyone, in good responsibility. At most, in humans, Kaio-Ken will never exceed Kaio-Ken x 3. Goku was only able to use a 20x Kaio-Ken because of his Saiyan physiology and his power level at the time (3 Million).

The Kaio-Ken and Kaio-Ken x 2 have the same multiplier, they both double the power of the individual. Each successive Kaio-Ken amplifies the user's power by the aforementioned multiplier (3x, 4x, etc.)


Fusion Power Formula

Based on what I could see in the manga and such, Fusion makes the resulting Fused Warrior far stronger than the sum of its parts. In this case, this was the formula I used for determining Metamoran Fusion Warrior Power:

Fusion Material Warrior 1's current power + Fusion Material Warrior 2's current power = X, then multiply this number by 50.

The Power Level rule

Contrary to popular opinion, a higher power level does not guarantee victory (this is evidenced by Goku's battles with Piccolo, when the margin between their respective powers was small. Though Piccolo was slightly weaker than Goku, he nearly defeated Goku).

Instead, the determining factor in determining if one power can defeat another is the % Difference between 2 powers.

For example, when comparing Goku and Piccolo at the start of Z, there is barely a 1% difference between their powers, which accounts for their close battles. However, when Nail (40,000) fights Freeza (530,000), there is a 92% difference between their powers. Also, in the fight between Recoome (40,000) and Vegeta (30,000), there is a 25% difference between their powers. During the (semi-even) fight between Goku (8000) and Nappa (7000), there was a 12% difference between them, and Goku maintained an advantage, then between Goku using Kaio-Ken x 2 (16000) and Vegeta (18000), there is an 11% difference between them, and Vegeta has a slight advantage. When Goku uses Kaio-Ken x 3 (24000), he gains a 25% difference between his and Vegeta's power, giving him the advantage.

Based on the calculations, up to a 5% difference will allow both fighters to fight on virtually even terms. 6-9% will give the stronger fighter a slight advantage. At 10% and up, the stronger fighter will dominate the fight. Above 25%, the weaker fighter has no chance of defeating the stronger fighter.

In order to determine the % Difference between two fighters, this is the formula:

Note: Fighter 1 full power (stronger fighter) = X. Fighter 2 full power (weaker fighter) = Y.

Step 1).    X - Y = Z

Step 2).   Z / X = W

Step 3).   W x 100

example, Recoome vs Vegeta: 40,000 - 30,000 = 10,000. 10,000 / 40,000 = .25. .25 x 100 = 25%


I'll likely update some more of this soon, but I think that's enough math for now lol.


Rigor Saga Power Levels (Standardized, Not Unit-Power readings)

Rigor & Vegeta - power reading at birth - 538

Rigor & Vegeta - 4 Years Old - 10,000

King Vegeta - power level maximum - 11,000

Queen Chikori - power level maximum - 9,000

Peppra - power level maximum - 11,000

Rigor - Angry power level - 50,000

Separi - 3 years old - 1,500

NOTE: The numbers that follow are based around the belief that Goku's strength in GT is around 500 Million (roughly half as strong as his SSJ3 form in Z), and that Vegeta, through his training after Goku's death in GT has risen to match Goku's. Then those numbers are doubled to account for training.

Vegeta & Goku - base power level maximum - 1,000,000,000

Rigor - power suppressed to less than 1% - 2,300,000,000

Separi - base power level maximum - 45,000

Vegeta - Super Saiyan 4 - 4 Trillion

Rigor - 60% - Almost 14 Trillion (13,800,000,000,000)

Vegeta - Super Saiyan 4 + Final Atomic Shine - 16 Trillion

Rigor - 80% - Over 18 Trillion (18,400,000,000,000)

Goku & Vegeta -  Super Saiyan 4 - 4 Trillion each/ 8 Trillion combined

Rigor - 100% - 23 Trillion

Rigor - weakened - 7 Trillion

Rigor - Super Saiyan 5 - 105 Trillion + (Increases steadily thereafter, but remained at 105 Trillion during the duration of his fight with Goku & Vegeta)

Gogeta - Super Saiyan 4 - 200 Trillion

Gogeta - Super Saiyan 4 Full Power Big Bang Kamehameha - 400 Trillion

Rigor - Super Saiyan 5 Full Power Shokubutsu Hou - 420 Trillion


And OC submissions are still being taken for the upcoming New World Tournament Saga, just follow the rules below!

 1) Your submitted OC cannot be of Saiyan/ Namekian/ Demon/ Icejin/ Majin/ etc origin. They can ONLY be of Earthly origin, meaning they must be native to Earth, and not a machine. Your OC can be human, dinosaur, animal person, monster-type human, and any other Earthling creature that could be found in the original Dragon Ball series. Their appearance, while remaining mostly unchanged, will be slightly altered to reflect being human. (So no tails, tentacles, etc. They can still be weird looking though)
  2) Your submitted OC will be a one-shot tertiary character. Meaning no extensive character development, no backstory, nill.
  3) There are currently only 6 slots for the actual World Tournament open for OC characters. Any other submitted OCs, however many there are, will be background characters, crowd characters, or characters who fail to make the preliminary rounds.
  4) Your submitted OC, if in the tournament, is expected to lose. The tournament is plot driven, not vote driven. Keep this in mind so you're not surprised if Goku, Vegeta, Masuran, or someone else beats up your OC.
  5) Your OC will not be allowed to be super powerful. The can be powerful in Earthling terms (like Raditz-era Krillin or Dragon Ball-era fighters like Jackie Chun and Yamcha. Otherwords, power levels of 50-200)
  6) Any OC who makes it into the actual tournament will assist me in writing the dialogue for that character. Background characters with minor dialogue will also be assisted writing.
  7) Expect alterations to your character's looks, name, and abilities. Since the doujin follows canon, so will your characters. They will not be able to be related to already established characters (though passing interactions and weird deja vu moments are possible), and their names will be altered to fit the universe if need be. When it comes to re-naming the character, aspects of their personality or looks (like all other official Dragon Ball Characters) will become their names.

With those perimeters in mind, anyone who wishes to submit an OC for the World Tournament Saga is free to do so by responding to this journal with a link of their OC. The OCs that make it into the Tournament will be chosen by me, and I will make digital mock-ups on the character as they will appear in the story. So, hop to! (All OC's submitted in the previous journals will still be taken into consideration)

Anyone who wants a match on Ultimate Tenkaichi needs to find me. I'll "Miss Mary Mack" your face in, lol




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Backstory! Character bios! Its all there! Frequent updates!…


DBNA Creation Process :…

DBZ Ultimate Tenkaichi Rigor Recipe:…



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djakei Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014
How much stronger "exactly" do yoy think a saiyan would get after a fight, like ssj2 vegeta vs ssj2 goku
adhiSRF Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2013
Hey  could you elaborate the potara vs metamor fusions??Wat do you think is the major difference between them other than one is permanent while other is temporary??Suggestions any one??
Is the popular belief of the metmor fusion adding user's power levels and then adding the 50x multiplier while the potara multiplies the user's powerlevels and then adds the 50x multiplier true or do you have another theory??
And what about fusion tranformation multipliers ??are the same as for unfused saiyan transformations i.e 50x,100x,400x,4000x,8000x,24000x,360000x ???
MalikStudios Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2013  Professional General Artist
One is done by aliens, the other is by gods. there was bound to be a difference. the SSJ multipliers would be the same
adhiSRF Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2013
but is the popular belief true??have any ideaa about that??
EndofNirvana Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013
Any update on when we'll get updates to the comics?   Just wondering when I should start checking this again.
MalikStudios Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013  Professional General Artist
The nwxt redraw page of chapter 6 will be up tonight. After that, Ill be back to the main story while periodically updating the remaining chapters.
Rahvu Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2013
So Piccolo and Kami fusion was also 20x powerboost..? seeing that they were two parts of the same being originally i thought it could be more or have you given thought about that? Coolers 5th form with the 4x powerboost is probably as close as it can be as it was stated in one of the DB Daizenshuus or V-Jump that his powerlevel was 470.000.000 if you want to use them as a source of canonity for your manga. I think you should've went with Billions instead of Trillions but that is a minor thing.
MalikStudios Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2013  Professional General Artist
And the reason it is in trillions is why it was stated above. the power levels Im using are based on the popular belief that Goku was close to, if not as strong in GT as his SSJ3 form was in Z. Then, to compensate for training and leeway between power calculation discrepencies, I doubled those numbers, which would give Goku and Vegeta a base power level of 1 Billion. Then, if you take into account the power multipliers, they easily break trillions. But, this is why stated power levels aren't even mentioned in the doujin in the first place.
Rahvu Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2013
yeah i would assume that Separi wouldn't see through her scouter when all the zeros of a trillion block it :D
MalikStudios Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2013  Professional General Artist

no, the fusion between Kami and Piccolo is different as they are two halves of the same being. That calculation is only for the Sync Fusion like Piccolo did with Nail.

And yes, I used the V-Jump scan of Cooler's power to determine the fifth form boost, as Cooler was stated to have roughly the same strength as Freeza

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