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This was my response to an email from a reader over the current direction of DBNA in the art process. If you are a current reader, I need to read this response and understand why I'm doing what I'm doing and why things are the way they are. I know, it is long. But please PLEASE read it if you have any concerns about DBNA's future.

"The problem isn't procrastination, or anything of the sort, the problem is strictly something that occurred during the publishing process that I have to rectify with the first three volumes before I can proceed any further. If the problem had not been brought to my attention, I merely would have left the older chapters alone.

You see, when I first began scanning the original pages, I was only seeing them on the computer. At first, I saw no issues. The images looked fine. It wasn't until they were actually printed that the problem became apparent. Due to the manner in which I had initially scanned the pages, the images seem faded or "light" when they are printed. The problem is very compounded when, late in Volume 3, I have pages that are shown in my new scanning method that look MUCH better than the earlier pages. A secondary problem is with my early writing. I seem to be notorious for being very exposition heavy, most likely a byproduct of my early upbringing in western-style comics. As a result, a lot of panels will find word bubbles absolutely crammed with walls of text. Again, in the digital versions, this is a rarely pointed out issue, but once printed, these crams of text are incredibly difficult to read. This was especially prevalent in Chapter Zero, and thanks to the overhaul I did on that, many of the people who once were detracted by the overwhelming text now enjoy the Chapter thoroughly. While some people just take it in stride, a very vocal group of people who are buying the books online have come to me directly with complaints about the visual quality of the books. As a content provider and someone who would feel shafted if I had bought books in the same condition, I feel honor-bound to rectify this issue if people are to continue purchasing the first 3 volumes of DBNA. THIS, along with several plot holes and my perfectionist nature when it comes to DBNA, are the reasons why I have been doing these revisions and not going back to resume the story. Because I don't want to have to come back and do it again. Whatever condition DBNA is in after this last round of revisions is the way it will stay.

As far as the pace, this is strictly something that is based in my current life. DBNA had an EXPLOSION of pages when I was working a job that allowed me a LOT of downtime. So, to not go mad while I sat in a box all day doing very little, I was able to draw. And draw I did. Unfortunately, life caught up with me. That job did not pay me enough to sustain my living situation, so I was forced to go out and get a higher paying job on a different shift. Prior to that, I told people that if I had to get another job, my time on DBNA would suffer. And obviously, it has. Were I once was able to invest 8-12 hours of the day into the drawing and editing of DBNA, I can only invest a handful on the weekends and a scant hour or so during the weekdays. This, in addition to the additional commission work that I do for outside projects, working on scripts for my own original works, making submissions to VIZ and Shonen Jump, planning out convention appearances for next year, and then still trying to cram all of it in the few hours I have when I'm not at my full-time job. Its not like I just up and stopped of my own volition.

In terms of the story following the last Chapter in which I left off, it has been going through a HUGE rewriting process, so that I don't have to go back and fix it like I have to do with these earlier chapters. It may be apparent in my writing, but the Rigor arc was really the only FULLY written out arc I had for DBNA. Everything beyond that first arc is all just a cluster of bullet points. However, even in that first arc, I have encountered so many problems, so there is a s much a failure in the story itself in addition to the visual problems plaguing these earlier chapters. The Aladjinn arc was very nebulous and experienced a VAST amount of changes from its early stages. I have been rewriting that arc as I go. But doing so is apparent in the initial drafts. You can see how ill-defined and how the characters and motivations change as the story progresses.

I understand that people want to see DBNA continue. I do as well. The complaints do not fall on deaf ears. And perhaps it is a failing on my part for not making these issues known to the greater public of readers. But hopefully, my explanation will help you understand why I'm doing what I'm doing."


Malik Torihane
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^^Many thanks to Nassif9000 for this awesome piece of art! Thanks guy!^^

I am the creator, writer, and artist of Dragon Ball New Age, as well as my original projects Codename: DCC and Blood Rite

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